Beely Dancing

Don’t worry, just dance! Beely offers private car leasing and it’s totally worry-free. Hence all the fun stuff that occur in the videos. Editing these quirky vids was an absolute blast!
Beely music video  -   Letters layout & animation: Paavo Pengermä

Individual performances

Some of the characters got their own clips, which were shared across social media.
Garage S/M
Under the Hood
Dancer in the Dark
Unworried Face
Booth TIme
Not just another video call
Toilet Disco


Client: Beely
Agency: Ivalo Creative
Director: Paavo Pengermä
Art Director: Eerik Riekkinen
Executive Producer: Saara Salama
Project lead: Tiina Björk
Head of Production: Maija Kuittinen
Editing, color grade: Jani Saajanaho