I consider myself a multidisciplinary person; my curiosity has lead me to experiment with different areas of creative work instead of focusing into a more narrow section. That being said, working broadly with moving images has been the core of my career, recent focus being in various post production duties and animation. To cater to my protean nature I've luckily managed to expand my field quite a bit, e.g. composing my first game soundtrack for the upcoming Hatch Originals game Arkanoid Rising.
Also, to have had opportunities to work with experienced professionals from various fields of expertise has played a part on my diverse path. In most cases, the end result is made out of many ingredients, and to me it’s important to know how they all come together.

Now, as a freelancer I'm more than happy to utilize my volatile character even more and develop myself further in areas I care about the most. Always with dedication, and great attention to details.

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︎ +358 40 0857737
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