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Selected Musical Works

This reel includes snippets from a selection of projects I’ve created music for. Further down, you'll find project overviews for most of the cases in the reel, offering a full preview of each.

The significance of music in marketing and the film industry is evident to many. While at times, music serves as background, with minimal impact, there are moments when a specific, tailored soundtrack is essential to convey action, narrative, or emotion. I've worked with music at various levels of effect, and helped discover or even create music tailored to meet diverse needs.

Certainly, when the budget permits, bespoke music often proves to be the ideal choice. I'd like to believe that what you can't find in online stock libraries, there's a chance you can find it with me :)
Feel free to drop me a message if you’d like to talk music!  

Mixtape - A selection of unreleased music


Westworld Scoring Competition entry

Arkanoid Rising

Arkanoid Rising - Original Game Soundtrack

Nokia Any Vision

Nokia - Any Vision


Hatch - The Game Changer

Jaloviina Tammi

Jaloviina Tammi

Grand One

Grand One’13


Kiasma: Robert Mapplethorpe


SPR O-Tyypit

Mandatum Life

Mandatum Life - Rahat