Diplomacy Changes the World

"The world changes when we participate in mitigating climate change, create conditions for sustainable commerce, and stand alongside Ukraine. Development cooperation, humanitarian aid, and security policy transform the world." That was the key message for this video. According to a script developed at Kaskas Media, I went through a pile of editorial footage from around the world; from natural disasters to humanitarian crisis. Some of them being quite shocking, and thought provoking. I can’t say this was a “fun project”, or something to take lightly. From an editing standpoint, it was a compelling task to communicate the themes of disaster and conflict through visuals and sound, while also recognizing the positive changes being implemented to improve the human condition.
While it might be apparent to some, I must admit the initial part is heavily inspired by Godfrey Reggio's work. In fact, when editing that segment, I used Philip Glass' music as a guide of sorts. However, for this particular part, the directive was to rely solely on sound instead of music, and it certainly proved effective in this context.
(EN) Diplomacy Changes the World
(FI) Miten ulkoministeriö muuttaa maailmaa?


Client: The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland  
Agency: Kaskas Media