Fiksu Ruoka (Smart Food)

For me, working with Fiksu Ruoka started in the end of 2019 when I was asked to post-produce a series of videos for online distribution. These were written in-house (at Fiksu Ruoka), and partly with the main star of the show, a Finnish renowned actress Miitta Sorvali. The main idea was that Miitta’s character, a youthful grandma, is recording her vlog about the ecological importance of reducing food waste by ordering waste products from This spawned one 2+ minutes main ad, along with shorter clips - all for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Editing these was great fun, not least because of watching long clips of Miitta’s improvisations. Post production included green screen work, compositing, a bit of animation, color grading and sound mixing.
The two-and-a-half minute main video shows the funny process of vlogging with granny, and the "online version" of her results. More related videos here.

Corona Plan

After the pandemic hit in 2020 conventional video productions became harder to arrange. Many sought alternative ways to produce video ads, and so did Fiksu Ruoka. As we’d previously developed a great working relationship with these waste food warriors, animation requests started to fly in. So, against the Corona-ridden situation I was suddenly very busy with creating animated content for ads and social media posts. Actually there was one actual video production that took place in the summer, which I did editing and animation for. Below you can view few examples of the year’s outcome.
This was a combination of 2D animation and 3D possibilites in After Effects. 3D models were provided and pre-animated by Pekka Tjäder. This was the first time Fiksu Ruoka decided to use custom vocals in their advertisement - the voice over guy, actor Riku Nieminen handled the duties really well. I also did sound mixing so the vocals would sit in the mix, with some scene specific effects. The lyrics set a base for the animation I designed together with the client.
Food influencer Minni Väärä shared her thoughts on food waste, and I edited and color graded the resulting video (with couple of small animations).

Singing away

After the summer was over a request for more 3D and more unique songs came about so we headed on to a mission with a new character designed for Fiksu Ruoka - a reject, a lonely abandoned pack of coffee. My co-operation with Pekka Tjäder continued and while he provided some of the 3D assets, I dug deeper into the stories the client wanted to tell - storyboarding, visualizing and animating moods and scenarios to life. This is probably the most 3D I’ve ever done, but fortunately everybody was happy for the results :)
Products for One Cent
Christmas charity with Klarna


Client: Fiksu Ruoka Oy / Smart Food Ltd.
Art Direction: Lauri Enckell, Jani Saajanaho