Ruohonjuuri fourty years

I was commissioned to bring this fantastic illustration to life for Ruohonjuuri's 40th-anniversary campaign. Such a delight! For those who don’t know, Ruohonjuuri is an ecological retail chain specializing in holistic and organic well-being products, including nutritional supplements, superfoods, natural cosmetics, and organic snacks.

The illustration itself has a very organic feel, so I wanted the animation to reflect that. And let's not forget the soundscape, for which Riku Kuikka skillfully contributed with subtle grace.
16:9 version
4:5 version


Client: Ruohonjuuri
Art Direction: Ilkka Kärkkäinen / SO_Helsinki
Illustrations: Sanna Mander / Agent Pekka
Sound design: Riku Kuikka / Studio Muuntamo