Working on these TV commercials for St1, the Finnish energy company, was a fun experience. The main deliverables included 30-second TV spots, alongside 10-second cuts and various social media adaptations. Condensing storylines into relatively short formats is always a bit of a creative puzzle, but fortunately I was expertly guided by director Virpiö. The first one in the series presents the audience with Shell’s services, along with a new benefit card.
Hyvää Etumatkaa - 30 seconds TV-spot

Towards Beijing Olympics 2022

The second entry in the series featured the participation of the Finnish Olympic Team, led by the renowned "Flying Finn" Iivo Niskanen, who eventually claimed a gold medal in men's cross-country skiing at the Beijing Olympics.
Tankkaa itsesi Pekingiin - 30 seconds TV-spot


Client: St1
Agency: Ivalo Creative
Director: Markus Virpiö
Post production: Jani Saajanaho